Below is a list of some of the terms used through out our website and printed literature. There is also a list of the conditions, inclusions, exclusions and regulations that you will be required to agree and understand when organising a Wedding in Bali. Please feel free to email us at for more information.

Security Deposit: payable $ USD  / equivalent

A security deposit is required as a guarantee in the event of accidental  and /or intended damage that may occur to the villa and/ or grounds/ premises /fixtures and fittings during the wedding / event. The security deposit will be returned in full after a full inspection made by Villa Manager or supervisor the day after the wedding.

Banjar Fee : payable $ USD  / equivalent

In Bali it is common practice to pay the Local Banjar a fee for all weddings, events and ceremonies held in the local community. “The Banjar” is in fact the local village elders /council that meet regularly to ensure the local community is smooth running, dispute and problem free.  Similar to a council, they will often take responsibility for overseeing how an event affects and impacts the local community. They will meet to discuss that the events theme will not be offensive in content and theme to local traditions and cultural practices. They will aim to ensure security, often help with parking and traffic management due to increases in congestion often on small access roads where events are to be hosted. They will also ensure that noise levels are acceptable for the community residents, liaise with higher authorities where necessary. In general they are committed to ensuring your holiday and time is Bali is enjoyable, problem free and most important safe for you, your family and possessions. The Banjar Fee is not a set amount for each location and will vary according to you and the requirements of your event.

Pecalang Fee : included

Similar community fee to the Banjar Fee, The Community Pecelang are responsible for security at all events held in the local community. They will take care of all disputes before involving the local police, They work closely with the local Banjar. Our wedding fees include the fees payable for their service.

Kepala Desa Registry Fees: included

The Kepala (Head) Desa (Village) or Village Head will require payment to register the event and allow it to take place. The Desa / Kepala Desa, Banjar and Pecalang system are unique to Bali and have proven to be effective systems to keep Balinese communities safe and pleasant with disputes between parties to a minimum. We take our experience dealing with this system to ensure your wedding runs smoothly and safely for all who attend

Event Inclusions: All Venues

Below are a list of what is included in a wedding or event organised by Nagisa Bali Weddings and Events Management.

  • Additional Staff requirement
  • Additional Maintenance / Cleaning requirements
  • Registry and fee payment to Kepala Desa’s office (Kepala Desa = Head of Village)
  • for accommodated guests
  • Registry and fee payment to Kepala Desa’s office
  • for invited guests
  • Pecalang fee (Pecalang =Village Security fee)
  • Rental of Parking space and supervision.


Event Exclusions: All Venues

Below are a list of what is not included in a wedding or event orgainsed by Nagisa Bali Weddings and Events Management.

  • Decorations (for wedding event and Event)
  • Transportation and costs of electricity generators where necessary
  • All Catering
  • Mini bar soft drinks and alcohol
  • Tipping and personal expenses of guests


Event Regulations: All Venues

Below are a list of what is not allowed in a wedding or event organised by Nagisa Bali Weddings and Events Management, this list is a guideline and is not finite. We ask that you and your guests simply behave and respect a villa venue that is often someone else s dream that finally became a reality.

  • No Animals (pets or entertainment)
  • No throwing rubbish or objects over boundary walls / cliff tops /onto beaches
  • No duct tape allowed on painted walls and surfaces
  • No nails / screws in the trees to secure temporary fixtures and fittings
  • Temporary road sign to be removed after the event
  • Pyrotechnics permitted with precautions. Any explosive / fireworks or pyro devices must seek prior approval from Villa Director with fire extinguishers on standby
  • Traditional Balinese fire dances are permitted. However no spilling of kerosene anywhere through out property buildings and grounds.
  • Wire used in construction / decoration must not be left behind under any circumstance.
  • Vendors vehicles will be permitted entry for loading / unloading but must park out side in the spaces provided.
  • Please ensure that vendors return all areas, including outside parking, in a similar condition to which they were given it.
  • Subject to the above. All damages to be paid for in full


One of the main positives of the Banjar system in Bali and what makes Bali such a great location for a wedding is the Banjar will often have the final say on what happens in their community and are happy to negotiate and discuss new ideas with you and for your wedding.

Many of Bali’s largest Banjars have shown many times that they are flexible in their ability to embrace new ideas and change if it is proposed to them in a respectful and honorable way.

The Balinese Banjars will often show support for many things that are unique and different to their own traditions as long as it does not disrespect their Hindu beliefs and culture. They will discuss what impact your idea has on their community and agree the necessary fee needed to embrace your idea and give you their full support once all has been agreed.

If you can dream it for your wedding or your holiday here, you will discover that Bali will offer the highest chance of your dream becoming a reality.